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Alberta NUANS®

In Alberta, before you incorporate you will need to complete an official Alberta NUANS® name reservation. It is also highly recommended to run a NUANS® report prior to registering as an Alberta Trade Name or Sole Proprietor.

The NUANS® report will return a list of possible conflicts to your proposed business name. This report will also 'reserve' your proposed name for 90 days in Alberta to allow you time to complete your Incorporation.

Make sure you sign up for access to 3 Free Pre-screen searches! Pre-screen your corporate name in the NUANS® database to save you valuable time, effort... and of course.... Money. If your corporate name is not already registered or incorporated then you will have the confidence to move to the next step of ordering your Alberta NUANS® report.

Steps to register a business in Alberta:

  1. Build a Great Business Name - Watch our video to find out how
  2. Sign up for the 3 Free pre-screens. Pre-screen your corporate name before ordering your official Alberta NUANS® report - Watch our Video before you being your pre-screen
  3. Order the Deluxe package for your official Alberta NUANS® report to receive our Expert Opinion on the availability of your corporate name. - Watch our NUANS® report video guide to learn more
  4. Register as a Trade Name/Sole Proprietor or Incorporate in Alberta - Watch our Incorporation Guide for help
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How to build a great business name           NUANS® Free Pre-Screen Guide           NUANS® Report/Name Reservation Report Guide           How to Incorporate Guide


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  • March 2014

    Today I received my package from Arvic and I was also able to register for all the programs necessary. I just wanted to send you an email to express my gratitude. I was very unsure of Arvic and it turned out to be authentic and very easy to incorporate. Thank you so much for your help and services.

    - Sandra

  • March 2014

    The embossers and stamps arrived earlier this afternoon and are lovely. So nice not to have to deal with the old, clunky models. I'll be certain to pass along your name to anyone needing corporate seals, etc. and have also made note within our files relative to the legal services offered by your firm. Outstanding service.

    - Wendy

  • January 2014

    Never did this before so just want to make sure I have done all that needs to be done.

    - Lynn

  • November 2013

    You made this overwhelming experience for us so much easier too and I appreciate that!

    - Connie

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October 2015 -
New Alberta fee increase - link below
Alberta Government Disbursement Increase

May 2015 -
To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate - By Golden Girl of Finance

November 2014 -
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Build a Great Business Name
NUANS® Free Pre-Screen Guide
NUANS® Report Guide
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October 22 2014 -
We now accept the following payments online:

October 21 2014 -
Arvic Launches new website. All new order pages and content to help you get the information and services you need easier.

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